22 Most Expensive Watches in 2018: Top High-end Luxury Watches

“We do not make watches to know the time. It’s more like a piece of art. The idea is to have something that has lasting value. It’s not only about accuracy, but about the fine art, knowledge and, for men, it’s also the only jewelry that we have.” – Thierry Stern, CEO Patek Phillipe. Read: The [Read More]

How Extended Hours Sitting Down in a Day Is Gradually Destroying Your Health

“If I didn’t have so much work, I would sit all day and watch a movie marathon,” says almost everybody. If that sounds like something you would say too, you need to change something about your lifestyle. Today, we spend most of our time sitting in the office, after which we get home and sit [Read More]

How to be the Best Dad That Your Kids Will Ever Know

Fatherhood is a different story altogether that every young man will have to face one day. It’s that time in life that you will become responsible for someone else; responsible in the sense that, you have no other option than to be responsible for everything in his/her life. A good father-child relationship is not only [Read More]

Anger Management Techniques: 8 Ways to Tame your Temper

anger management technique

Anger is a natural human emotion, it’s what we do with it that matters and makes all the difference. Why growing up, someone wise around you must have advised you not to make decisions whenever you are angry.   Unfortunately for most of us, we have tried to implement that advice into our various lives [Read More]

The History of Wrist Watches In 5 Minutes

Everything you see on earth has its own history and the beautifully designed wristwatch on your wrist has a whole lot of interesting stories that built up to form its existence. The most recognized watch brands today are made in Switzerland and the word, “Swiss-made” will always come to your mind whenever the topics about [Read More]